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  • A black sharpie for each student
  • A bag

STEP ONE: Answer the following questions honestly:

  1. Name (First, MI, Last):
  2. What is your social security number?

  3. What is your mother’s maiden name?

  4. What is your home address?

  5. Who was the first person(s) you slept with and the approximate year of event (if a virgin, indicate so)?

  6. What do you scrub/wash the most on your body when you are in the shower?

  7. Have you ever stolen something from a department/grocery store? If so, what did you steal and when did you steal it? Please list name and location of those places.

  1. What illegal substances have you smoked/snorted/injected? When was the last time you participated in such acts?

  1. Where do you like to spend your free time (park, shopping mall, coffee shop, etc.)? Please list name and location of those places.

  1. What type of relationship did you have with your parents?

STEP TWO: Using the supplied Sharpie, black out all of the answers you would not want to share with another person in this class.

STEP THREE: Fold and place your answer sheet in the bag.  Each student should pick one classmate’s answer sheet from the bag, read it and then return it to the owner.

STEP FOUR: Black out all of the answers they would not want to share publicly online.

STEP FIVE: Share the results with the class and discuss.



  • Ask one of the students to create a timeline that details one day in his/her life from waking to sleeping.

STEP ONE: In groups of two, underline on the timeline each point in which the subject is under surveillance during the day. Add notes to explain your answers.

STEP TWO: Discuss as a class the following:How could design intervene at any moment to change that level of surveillance?”

*Exercises developed by Amber Ingram