Little Bits Base Kit:
+power bit with attachable battery
+light sensor
+bar graph
+bright led
+dc motor

Plus these additional Bits:
+long led
+sound trigger
+usb power
+mounting boards
+USB Power Adapter + Cable


  1. Connect w20cloud Bit to p3 usb power Bit
  2. To make things smoother, connect to a wifi hotspot.
  3. Light will turn from purple to green when it connects to wifi.
  4. To check your Bit’s connectivity, log in to (To facilitate the exercise, set up all your Bits to the Internet, by creating a  Little Bits account. Each student can set up his/or her own or the instructor can set up one and share the log-in info.)
  5. Select “Cloud Control” from the menu on the right, or follow to get to your Little Bits command center
  6. Select your groups Bit on the side. Feel free to run tests! Play!
  7. When you are ready to get your hands dirty, click on Automate, follow the link to IFTTT
  8. Log in and take a look around. Click the arrow next to your username and create New Applet
  9. Choose your “this” and choose your “that”

a. When selecting a “this” or “that” you can search for Little Bits to connect your bits. This will create “enchanted” solutions. Bits are categorized as inputs and outputs. Inputs/triggers are bits like the i3 button. Outputs are things like the 06 buzzer

b. Example: IF “I send a tweet” THEN “Little Bits output (06 buzzer) is activated.”

* Exercise developed by Bree MacMahon.